Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals: "Protect Estonian animals!"

Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals: "Protect Estonian animals!"

How does your donation help? »

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Your donations make it possible to help distressed and abandoned animals. Animals in need of assistance must be transported to a clinic, where necessary procedures such as overall health examination, microchipping and registration, parasite control, various vaccines, sterilization and castration, take place. We want to make sure that animals who are dependent on us, do not suffer or give birth to unwanted offspring.

Cats and dogs can give birth up to 3-4 litters per year, each with an average of five offspring. There are many abandoned animals in shelters and foster homes provided by volunteers of animal organizations, because there are more animals being born than homes provided to them. This is the main reason so many cats and dogs are being executed a year. Apart from the fact that sterilization and castration is the main reason to prevent unwanted litters, it can also have a positive mental and physical effect for the animal. During the mating season female cats and dogs tend to have a more stressful and tiresome pregnancy and breastfeeding experience. Castrated males tend to become more relaxed and less-adventurous, as they are no longer tempted during mating season.

All across Estonia many animals are brought to shelters because of the lack of identification for the animal. In the absence of a microchip, it is impossible to identify and contact the owner. The registration of an animal is done by a veterinarian for a fee.

In year 2017 the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals (ESPA) helped around 400 animals, our helpline and e-mail got 1500 requests for assistance and we also organized four campaigns for raising awareness on important matters. In year 2017 we spent €21 855 on the care of animals. Your donation will help us continue our work!

The capacity of the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals mainly depends on the donations of good people who want to make a difference. Donations allow us to continue with direct animal assistance, matters concerning animal welfare, raising awareness in the public, training volunteers and to have a say in legislative matters. We have also financially helped and continue to help other animal organizations all across Estonia.

Our organization has been included in the list of non-profit organizations (NGO) receiving income tax incentives. Read more: Donations and taxes

10 754.00 / 15 000.00 €
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