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Eesti Seksuaaltervise Liit „Aita lapsi ja noori turvaliste valikute tegemisel!“

Eesti Seksuaaltervise Liit „Aita lapsi ja noori turvaliste valikute tegemisel!“

How does your donation help?

Kui lähedal oleme eesmärgi saavutamisele?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help? provides young people with information on sexuality and health, including an “Ask for advice” section offering expert counselling in Estonian and Russian.

Your donation helps us offer online counselling to young people to support healthy and safe sexual development. A donation of €4.62 will ensure a competent and personal response from a counsellor to a question of a young person.

We have 18 youth counselling centres ( where young people can come to receive anonymous advice from 30 experts in their respective fields (incl. doctors, psychologists, social workers).

Adequate information improves the communication and coping skills of young people in matters related to sexuality, helping them make responsible and healthy decisions in their personal life, avoid risky behaviours, and seek advice and assistance if needed.

The youth counselling centres, coordinated by the Estonian Sexual Health Association, receive over 33,000 contacts per year, while online counselling is provided to nearly 4,000 persons and sexual health lectures at the centres reach an audience of at least 5,000 young people in each year. We also offer training for professionals.

The organization is not included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. Read more about taxes here: Donations and taxes.