Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation: Support developmental therapies for children suffering from illness

Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation: Support developmental therapies for children suffering from illness

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

We are convinced that every child deserves to have the best treatment, irrespective of financial opportunities. Therefore, our aim is to raise money to provide ill children with a sufficient volume of consistent therapies that help them develop and improve their coping ability. The profile of children who need developmental therapies is extremely variable – from behavioural disorders to severe physical disabilities. Children with multiple disabilities often require several simultaneous therapies.

The public funds are insufficient to provide all seriously ill children with consistent developmental therapies. In addition, some therapeutic services are less accessible to children who live in rural areas or who cannot visit the service location for some other reason. Therefore, the Children’s Foundation helps the families that raise ill children pay for scientifically founded therapies, which are recommended by attending physicians and experts but are beyond the financial means of the families. The Foundation also supports provision of the services at home, paying for the extra costs, which are not compensated from the public funds.

The standard price of one hour of music therapy is 40 or 50 euros, one session of horse riding therapy costs 30 or 40 euros, one hour of activity therapy costs 35-40 euros, and one physical therapy session in a pool or hall costs 20 euros. Developmental therapies have an observable positive effect on the development and coping ability of a child only if they are implemented consistently (e.g., once or twice a week over several years).

Each donation of €5, €10 or €25 helps provide the families supported by the Children’s Foundation with confidence that they are able to afford developmental therapies for their child on a consistent basis.

The organisation is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. 


2 886.00 / 35 000.00 €
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