Enterprising School “We help children and young people implement their enterprising ideas!”

Enterprising School “We help children and young people implement their enterprising ideas!”

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

We help to raise enterprising and active citizens. With help of donations we would like to open the fund for Ida-Viru County at the beginning of 2015, from where young enterprising citizens can apply for funding for their ideas. By this, with the help of different parties – the school, pre-school, local authority and the Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre (IVEK) - people could present their ideas and develop them into proper initiatives. We would like to support at least ten initiatives with the help of the fund.

This gives young enterprising citizens invaluable experience in how to apply for funding and how to involve others. They will taste the success of accomplishing something of value to their community – this is how the young person or child grows up as an active citizen who is caring, dares to show initiative.

In 2006 IVEK launched the educational programme Enterprising School, which is constantly being developed further. For years, we’ve been spreading the message that the emphasis on enterprise in our education system must be increased to help young people be more successful after graduating and cope better in life. In Ida-Viru County 18 educational institutions have joined the programme and Enterprising School is active already in ten counties.




154.92 / 10 000.00 €
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