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Dokfoto Centre: help us ease the feelings of loneliness among the elderly with photo mornings online

Dokfoto Centre: help us ease the feelings of loneliness among the elderly with photo mornings online

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

In the current situation, where physical encounters and hobby activities are severely restricted, older people in particular feel can feel very isolated. The Dokfoto Centre wants to give the elderly an opportunity to meet up and engage in mentally stimulating activities virtually instead of meeting in a physical location. We collect donations for virtual photo mornings so that the elderly can be communicate with one another and learn to use modern technology.

During the virtual photo mornings, the elderly can spend their free time in a meaningful, inspiring and social way. Photo mornings ease feelings of loneliness, because they provide a social circle where the elderly can tell their stories and stay in contact with their peers. Learning how to use modern technology and its diverse opportunities better is of course an added bonus. Continuity (certainty that the meeting will take place next month as well) and access regardless of geographical location are also important.

Monthly photo mornings consist of three parts and last about 90 minutes:

- Inspiration – one photo and a related story by the curator or guest of the Dokfoto Centre.

- Five photo stories – the elderly can present their own photo and the accompanying story. Up to 5 people can tell their stories during a meeting. The process is supervised by a moderator.

- Communication – various techniques, including photos, are used to communicate, connect with one another and share opinions.

All donations go towards organising the photo mornings. We will use the money for preparing the content of the meetings, organising them and consulting participants on using the relevant technology. We need at least EUR 1000 of donations to create one group for the elderly and conducting a series of photo mornings.


The mission of the Dokfoto Centre is to bring together photographers and those interested in photos by using documentary photography to tell and experience stories that inspire, enrich and change lives.