Welcome to Estonian biggest donation environment!

The “I Love to Help” donation environment is the most extensive page for non-governmental organisations in Estonia – you can donate to more than 40 capable and trustworthy NGOs. We have made donating simple for everyone; donors can make a single donation, set up a permanent donation, start a donation initiative or donate their time instead. Choose an organisation with a cause that is close to your heart and use the convenient bank link option to make a donation from your bank account directly to the organisation’s account in the same bank.

NGOs in the donation environment

The donation environment currently has 43 charity organisations across Estonia, divided into five categories: children, health, animals and nature, education and strong society. All organisations in the environment have gone through a thorough selection process, thereby ensuring that their activities are sustainable and that donations are used as described in the project.

All NGOs in the donation environment have joined the “Good Donation Practice”, which gives you, a good donor, the confidence that your donation will be used to support those in need.

In addition to collecting donations, the donation environment offers all organisations that have joined us the opportunity to communicate with their donors more than before. Head to the news section to stay up to date with the NGOs’ own updates and inspiring stories.

What do we offer to donors?

First, pick a field that you would like to contribute to. Then select an organisation and way in which you would like to help out. You can make a single donation, set up a permanent donation or donate your time. 

The “I Love to Help” donation environment is the only one is Estonia to offer an option to start a donation initiative. This means that you can organise a donation project among your friends or family in support of a charity organisation that you wish to support. This is a great way to replace a regular birthday or Christmas gift with a good deed that can change someone’s life.

You can see your donation history from the “My donations” section, which includes every donation that you have made via “I Love to Help”. You can determine what kind of information about your donations will be displayed publicly.

Be sure to read the general terms and conditions of the donation environment, as well as the relevant documents of privacy and security.

For NGOs

Follow the latest news about “I Love to Help” on Facebook, where we publish notifications of new application rounds.

About the donation environment

In 2008, Swedbank and the Good Deed Foundation created the “I Love to Help” donation environment in order to promote donation culture in Estonia. At first, the application was accessible via Swedbank’s internet bank, but as of 2014, it has been open to everyone who wish to contribute to the development of Estonian society. Over the years, the donation environment has brought donations in the total amount of over EUR 4.7 million to about 100 NGOs in Estonia. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, send them to: info@armastanaidata.ee.