Anonymity, logging in

"Why should I enter my personal information to make a donation?"

Reply: When entering your personal details, later on you will see your donations after logging in to the environment.

"Is my name and the size of my donation displayed publicly on the page?"

Reply: We will display publicly only the information that you have permitted. When donating, you can choose from a drop-down menu, whether you want to show your name on the page and the amount donated, your name only, or neither, by staying anonymous on the page.

Transactions, money usage

"How can I know my donation reaches/reached the right organization?"

Reply: Donations made in donation environment move directly through a bank link from your bank account to the organization's account in the same bank. If you are in doubt regarding the transfer, check it from your account statement, whether the desired amount has been transferred to the chosen organization.

"How will the organizations use the donations received through the environment?"

Reply: Before donating, please have a look at the overviews provided by the organizations, where their activities and necessary amount of donations are described. Depending on the organization, you may support the organization's main activities or/and their specific projects. A wide range of topics provided, anyone may find a favourite area or activity to give one´s support to.


"What is a fundraiser and how to create it?"

Reply: Fundraiser (a donation initiative) is a unique opportunity in Estonia which allows everyone to start his/her own fundraiser. In here you can gather donations for a charitable organization most close to your heart! In order to do so, you have to sign up to the donation environment "I Love to Help", then choose your cherished project, start a fundraiser initiative and share it with your friends and acquaintances.

"Is everyone allowed to start their own personal fundraiser?"

Reply: Yes, anyone can start a fundraiser who is logged in to the donation environment "I Love to Help" through the internet bank, Mobile-ID or Facebook account.

"Why do I have to be logged in to the donation environment to create a fundraiser?"

Reply: Sisselogimine on vajalik, et siduda konkreetne annetusalgatus selle loojaga. Sõbrad ju tahavad teada, kelle heategevusalgatuses nad osalevad. Samuti saab siis saata kasutajatele infot annetusalgatuse käekäigu kohta.

"For whom can I start a fundraiser? Is it allowed to start a fundraiser for a friend who is studying abroad?"

Reply: A fundraiser to collect donations can be started for a project listed in the donation environment. Fundraisers for individual donation projects can be made in a portal Help.ee, for example.

"Does my fundraiser need a specific financial goal?"

Reply: A fundraiser does not need to have a specific financial goal. However, setting a target will help you to spread the fundraiser's charitable message.

"Does every fundraiser have a limited duration?"

Reply: When creating a fundraiser, you have to set its end deadline, but you can also terminate the initiative ahead of time.

"How will the donations collected reach to the organization?"

Reply: The donations gathered through a fundraiser  will be transferred through a bank link directly to the charitable organization's account and the money collected can be used only by this organization.

Selection of organizations

"Will the organizations be replaced in the environment, and how?"

Reply: Yes, the application rounds to make a selection take place 1-2 times a year, with the jury of up to 10 experts representing various areas and professions. To the donation environment, the jury will choose strong organizations that have proved themselves with their activities. Information about the next call for applications will be published here in in January, 2017.