Privacy and security


1.1 All donations will be transferred directly to the charity organizations' accounts. Cash donations can be permanent or one-off donations and they can be done through the bank links diplayed in the environment.

1.2 The banks have promised to do everything to keep the online bank safe both for the donors and their money.

1.3 Making a donation through a bank link acts the same way as a regular payment. In order to enter the internet bank, a user ID and password are required. Internet bank can be accessed with ID card, Mobile-ID, PIN calculator or password card. The most safe way to enter your internet bank is to login using the ID-card or Mobile-ID.

1.4 The webpage of the internet bank opens always in a new window. The connection must be encrypted: the address starts with https: // and a padlock icon on the webpage must be closed.

1.5 If you have any doubts about the security of the online bank, contact immediately with your bank.



2.1 All donations made in the donation environment are made through the online bank, therefore the entire data gathered through the donation environment is to be handled as customer data. Customer data is any kind of information that is known to the bank about their client, such as name of the customer, personal identification number, contact information, banking details.

2.2 When making a donation, the user can choose whether his/her name and size of the donation will be shown publicly in the list of the donors of a particular project or not.

2.3 The system stores user data only if the user publishes the data when making donations or when logging into the system. In addition, all the data related to donations and users will be stored in the system. The user data that is stored by the system is:

      2.3.1 The name, identification number, email, phone, Facebook profile picture (if Facebook account is linked to the donation environment);

      2.3.2 The details about donations, which are:

                a) made visible on the public side of the environment, according to the user's choices;

                b) in administrative environment:

                - organizations will see the data regarding the volume of the donations, but not the donor's contact information (email and phone), except for the initiatives of voluntary collections;

                - as the managers of the donation environment, Swedbank and the Good Deed Foundation have access to all user data, but will use it only for general statistics (e.g, monitoring the volume of donations for months and years) and not for the analysis of individual donations and donors;

                - the user data in the donation environment is protected according to the rules of  security and confidentiality, and it will be not disclosed to any third parties;

                - Emails, newsletters or SMS messages are sent only to those users who have given their permission on their profile page;

                - system notifications related to the donation are to be sent automatically by the system to the email address entered by the user;

                - User has the right to request the termination of processing his/her personal data and / or deletion of personal data collected, if the right arises from the Personal Data Protection Act or any other legislation.

2.4 For the better user convenience the donation environment is using cookies. The session cookie helps the user to log in to the environment and to remember the different choices made by him. In addition, Google Analytics uses cookies to collect statistics about anonymous website visits.