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JA Estonia – Practical entrepreneurship training into every school in Estonia!

JA Estonia – Practical entrepreneurship training into every school in Estonia!

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

JA Estonia has been providing practical entrepreneurship and business training in Estonian schools since 1992. Our goal is to have more entrepreneurs, smart consumers and enterprising employees in Estonia. Studies show that people with student company experience are twice as likely to create their own company later on, they are also more flexible, solve problems more efficiently and have more determination to go after their goals.

The JA programmes for primary to upper secondary levels have been provided in 230 upper secondary, basic and vocational schools, but nearly half of the young people still complete their school education without any entrepreneurial knowledge. We would like to reach at least ten new schools each year. In order to achieve this, we do outreach work in schools and local governments, train new teachers and try to spark an interest towards business among young people. In the coming years, we will focus on business education at primary levels and making student companies part of the normal training process in vocational schools. In order to raise the standard of student companies, we train student company members, update learning materials and involve business mentors in coaching.

  • €5/month or €60/year = one potential new young entrepreneur for Estonia. €60/year covers the annual cost for JA Estonia for one young participant in the student company programme. It includes the costs of training, fairs, competitions and consultation.
  • €5 is the price of a mini-company manual for a teacher.
  • €10 is the price of the annual licence of the business textbook for upper secondary schools, enabling one student to acquire financial wisdom and basic understanding of the functioning of economy.
  • €25 is the price of one student’s participation in the fair of Estonian student companies, which is an invaluable source of sales and communication experience. €25 covers the cost of preparation and organisation of the fair of student companies, incl. equipment rental, catering and advertising per one person. Nearly 900 young entrepreneurs participated in the 2019 fair of Estonian student companies in the Kristiine and Rocca al Mare shopping centres.

The organization is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. Learn more about relevant tax topics: Donations and taxes