Help prevent bullying in 20 more schools!

Help prevent bullying in 20 more schools!

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The KiVa programme, which will soon by implemented in nearly 70 schools by the Anti-Bullying Foundation, includes values education, development of social skills, prevention work, as well as a vital model for solving bullying cases. The programme includes prevention activities as well as models for resolving bullying cases, involving all relevant parties—the school staff, students and parents. The effectiveness of the programme is measured twice in an academic year with a survey carried out among students.

International practice indicates that this programme, developed by researchers from the University of Turku, has helped to significantly reduce bullying and the drop-out rate in schools. The impact study conducted together with the follow-up survey demonstrates that as a result of the implementation of the KiVa programme, the bullying rates continue to decrease in schools.

From the fall of 2018, the KiVa programme is implemented in 70 schools and we hope to start preparations in 25 more schools across Estonia. We currently have the necessary means to take the programme to 5 new schools. This means that we need your help to reach another 15 schools.

The cost of implementing the programme to the minimal necessary extent is about 10 euros per student during the first 2 years (the preparation year and the first year of implementation). This way teachers will get necessary training, materials to use during lessons and break time, and the school gets the chance to conduct and anonymous survey among students each spring to measure bullying stats; students will gain access to a computer game that reinforces the principles of the KiVa programme.

Our aim is to use your donations to bring the programme to 5 new schools, or maybe even 15 new schools! By supporting the Bully-Free School, you help decrease bullying in schools that partake in the programme and ensure sustainability for the foundation and the KiVa programme.

Preventing bullying is similar to cleaning – we can have a high-tech vacuum sitting in the corner, but if do not know how to use it or just cannot be bothered, the place is bound to get messy.

The Anti-Bullying Foundation was established at the end of 2012 by the Good Deed Foundation, the Estonian Association of School Psychologists, Unique School Development Centre, education researcher at the University of Tartu Kristiina Treial and social entrepreneurs Kristi Liiva and Rasmus Rask. The organization is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. Read more about taxes here: Donations and taxes.,

4 187.88 / 10 000.00 €
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