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Estonian Cancer Society: Estonia fights cancer

Estonian Cancer Society: Estonia fights cancer

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The Estonian Cancer Society would like to buy a mobile CT scanner. In 2022, the Cancer Society launched a campaign to purchase a mobile CT scanner that can be used for lung cancer screening and other CT scans ordered by specialist doctors to be carried out close to home, outside major cities and medical centres. A mobile CT scanner can help detect cancer at an early stage.

Computed tomography (CT), which provides patients with a low dose of radiation, is indispensable in cancer diagnosis and is also very effective in acute cases and major trauma. Computed tomography can take layered images of a person’s body in just a few seconds. This way, large areas of the body can be quickly and efficiently examined and potentially life-threatening conditions detected. It is possible to detect cancer before symptoms appear and therefore start treatment at a very early stage so that recovering from cancer is possible.

The mobile CT scanner will start travelling around Estonia to make it possible for people to see a doctor in time. Unfortunately, in most small towns in Estonia, it is not possible to make appointments with specialist doctors and people do not get to see a doctor in time. 

Let’s look after each other; only together can we make the world a better place. The greatest value of all is a human being, a healthy human being.

Your donation will help ensure that the necessary tests can be carried out even closer to home and that cancer is detected as early as possible. We’re grateful for every donation!

The organisation is included on the list of non-profit organisations eligible for income tax incentives. Read more about taxes here: Donations and taxes.