Estonian Sexual Health Association: “Help children and young people make safe choices!”

Estonian Sexual Health Association: “Help children and young people make safe choices!”

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

On website an expert team offers children and young people counselling in both Estonian and Russian languages. This way we can improve the communication and coping skills of young people in issues related to sexuality – we can help them make responsible and healthy decisions in their personal lives to avoid risk behaviour and ask for advice and assistance whenever they need it.

A donation of 4.62 euros guarantees a competent and personal reply from a counsellor to a question asked by a young person.

Young people can post their questions anonymously and there are 30 experts – doctors, psychologists and social workers – who provide counselling through Amor online counselling centre.  

The youth counselling centres coordinated by the ESHA receive more than 33,000 inquiries per year. Online counselling reaches 4000 people a year and the sexual health lectures delivered at youth counselling centres are attended by at least 5000 young people per year. The Estonian Sexual Health Association also offers training to specialists.

The organization is not included on the list of income tax incentive organizations. Read more about taxes: Donating and taxes.

19 215.21 / 18 480.00 €
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