TLPO Kodukotus: “Support the active lifestyle of elderly men”

TLPO Kodukotus: “Support the active lifestyle of elderly men”

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

TLPO Kodukotus gives the pensioners of Tartu the opportunity to participate in activities outside their homes. The seniors are involved in hobbies to prevent various illnesses and loneliness.  

We will use the support for activities aimed at supporting the health of elderly men. We want to make it possible for seniors to practice age-appropriate sports, take part in competitions, and participate in emotional cultural initiatives. Over a period of two years, we will organise 10 months’ worth of different training events, as well as meetings and competitions in Estonia and abroad. We are currently preparing for the annual Tartu Gymnastics Festival.

Seniors have become a lot more active in sports within the last two years. The seniors of Tartu have participated in competitions with pensioners from other Estonian towns. In 2017, the focus is on health and gymnastics for senior citizens. In addition to improved physical condition, participants also experience the positive emotions tied to achievements. Our biggest goal is to learn the routines and take part in the Tartu Gymnastics Festival, which brings together more than 2,000 participants, from kindergarten children to pensioners. Men have had competitions in chess, carom, darts and billiards. A lot of senior men take part in gymnastics lessons for the health benefits. We have several sports competitions planned with the seniors of Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. We wish to perform in a joyous and exemplary fashion. Healthy elders are a nation’s wealth!

TLPO Kodukotus operates in Tartu and organises joint activities for pensioners. The organisation’s goal is to offer them opportunities that promote mental and physical activities. It offers hobby and health activities at day centres, legal advice and daily support services.

2 232.02 / 9 200.00 €
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