Let’s gift cancer patients life

Let’s gift cancer patients life

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

In 2016, the cancer treatment foundation "The Gift of Life” supported 70 patients aged between 4–76 by helping them finance vital life-extending cancer treatments. There were very different people among those who received help, from a 4-year-old boy, who had tumour connected to his nervous system, to a pensioner with bowel cancer. The average support sum per person is 4,000–5,000 euros, which is a lot more than an average person in Estonia can afford. 

We intend to keep supporting those left out in the cold by the Health Insurance Fund in 2017! The number of applications submitted to the foundation has increased significantly, so we truly need your help! Cancer diagnoses in Estonia are on the rise – more than 7,000 new cases every year. New medications are more effective than their predecessors, but also more expensive and less accessible for those in need. Our foundation helps people who have arrived at the choice of pay or die.

Your small donation can contribute to the greatest gift of all by helping out a struggling cancer patient and their family. Every euro donated to “The Gift of Life” foundation will lengthen someone’s life. In addition to helping cancer patients, the foundation also aims to participate in making the Estonian health care policy more humane and to promote donating as an integral part of life.


56 297.87 / 100 000.00 €
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