We are looking for a digital tailor!

We are looking for a digital tailor!

How does your donation help? »

1 volunteers needed

How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Estonian Vegan Society has developed faster than our homepage (www.vegan.ee). We are looking for a volunteer to create a web solution that is easy to manage and welcoming to the user.

The new site should run on Wordpress, as that’s what we are most familiar with. We need help finding a suitable template and revamping the current page with custom-made additions. It would be great to have the refreshed homepage ready by around September. Ireene from our team had this to add: “You should also put something about the website being visually cool. That’s sort of the main thing in my opinion. Everything else is pretty much fine, except that our page is not at all cool :D”

We are a nice bunch of vegans who work eagerly towards making it easy to go and stay vegan in Estonia. We are open to any suggestions for future collaboration beyond the time donation campaign.

If you happen to be the digital tailor we are looking for, come to our aid – we are waiting for you!


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