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Donate to support freedoms and stand up for human rights!

Donate to support freedoms and stand up for human rights!

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

We work on a daily basis to achieve greater respect for each individual and their dignity in Estonia. Bad things often happen because good people tend to be overly passive. If we postpone our advocacy of human rights today, we can soon find ourselves in a situation where our own rights are threatened and all previous achievements have been reversed.

We use strategically targeted litigation to help the elderly and persons with disabilities protect their equal rights in the labour market and elsewhere. Age, disability or origin should not be
an obstacle to employment. We support same-sex couples and their children to achieve a safe and protected family life and implementation of the Registered Partnership Act. We are
opposed to total surveillance to prevent the government and businesses from abusing our personal data.

Your donation helps us cover the cost of litigations and interfere in impactful situations where human rights are threatened or where we see an opportunity for improvement.

Join others who are already supporting human rights! Let’s stand together for a safe and equal society!

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