General Terms

General Terms and Conditions of the donation environment "I Love to Help"

You have reached the donation environment "I Love to Help", which brings together reliable charity organizations and big-hearted people from Estonia. Please read the general terms and conditions of the donation environment.

1. Users of the donation environment act prudently, do not abuse the opportunities offered by the donation environment and act according to the current legislation.

2. Users of the donation environment are respectful towards all parties, do not violate or infringe someone's rights (including copyrights), otherwise the administrator of the environment may remove both the user and the contents created by him.

3. Organizations of the donation environment (competence of the Board, financial reports, etc.) have passed the peer review of Swedbank and the Good Deed Foundation. Swedbank and the Good Deed Foundation are mediators for the donations and share the information, they are not responsible for the activities of charity organizations.

4. Donations are transferred directly to the bank accounts of the charity organizations, and donors can always check if their donations have reached to the right address or not.


5. Donors' personal fundraisers are created based on a good will and with an intention to support charity organizations and to spread their message.

5.1 Content of a fundraiser must adhere to the rules of courtesy, should not be a subject to derogatory or act against someone's rights. The administrator of the donation environment have the rights to inactivate the unappropriate funsdraisers.

5.2 When creating a fundraiser the author of the initiative can choose one project listed in the donation environment, which will start to collect the payments. The donations gathered through a fundraiser will be transferred directly to the charity organization's account.

5.3 When creating a fundraiser you can choose between:

      5.3.1 cash initiative or time initiative, ie, initiative of voluntary collection;

      5.3.2 public or private initiative; the latter will not be displayed publicly in the donation environment and in that case one can participate only in the presence of a relevant link;

5.4 When creating a fundraiser, you have to set its end deadline, but you can also terminate the initiative ahead of time.