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Would you like to help out in these difficult times, but don’t know how?

We have reopened the special donations page in the donating environment, so that you can support organisations that help people who find themselves in particularly vulnerable positions due to the crisis.


Our projects


The pandemic continues to have adverse effects on people’s lives. We have listed organisations and projects that actively work on solving issues brought on by the crisis situation; read more down below. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Should you feel that you need help from these organisations, feel free to contact them directly. Take care of yourself and those around you!

How can you help?

  • Donating money

    Your donation, no matter how big or small, is of great significance to these organizations.

  • By sharing information

    In order for us to help more people in need, we need to spread the word. Please share this campaign and projects that are close to your heart. 

  • Together we have raised 10 756 €

    Thank you so much!


Every 5th person in Estonia lives in relative poverty. That is far too many and it is these people that are in a particularly vulnerable position right now. Based on data for the Food bank, the number of people who need food aid has increased by 60% during the crisis.


Most of basic school students in Estonia have been engaged in distance learning for nearly half of the current school year. This poses a great challenge for the students themselves, their parents and teachers.


Uncertainty about the future and stressful times affect our mental health. Results from a survey conducted in March indicate that every 3rd person in Estonia suffers shows signs of depression or other mood disorders.


In recent months, hospitals have treated more and more women who give birth while also COVID-19 positive, and therefore have to stay in isolation rooms. At this tender time, it is especially important to ensure their well-being and safe communication options.

Which project would you like to support?

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