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Help us investigate this cat's health issue!
Fundraiser for the support of project Animal Shelters NGO: Your kindness helps us rescue and rehome., created by Seyle Juss:

Help us investigate this cat's health issue!

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Fundraiser already completed. Thanks to all who contributed!

How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The quote “Don't complicate your life!” doesn't apply to pets as humans decide everything in their lives. Their fate is entirely in our hands. And so a twist of fate brought this five year old male cat into the animal shelter, because he was no longer suitable to live with his humans. The cat, used to being doted on, was unfriendly to a newly arrived addition to the family, deeming the baby an intruder. The family didn't know how to solve this conflict, so Tequila is waiting for a new home where he could live in peace and quiet and enjoy being the centre of attention. He lays claim to all of the affection in the world. Before he goes to his new home however, we want to find the cause of his mysterious health issue. He moves as if he'd had one too many at the pub. To find the cause, Tequila needs a veterinary examination. We want to take him to a consultation with a neurologist, an eye examination and an MRI. Every animal deserves a life free of illness. Let's pitch in for Tequila's veterinary examination, costing a total of 650 euros!