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Gift a diabetic child an insulin pump
Fundraiser for the support of project Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation “Help children with diabetes”, created by Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation:

Gift a diabetic child an insulin pump

How does your donation help?

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Fundraiser already completed. Thanks to all who contributed!

How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

We ask for your help to purchase insulin pumps and transmitters to children with diabetes. An insulin pump spares children from daily needle pricking by constantly measuring the level of glucose in blood and dosing the needed amount of insulin. The pump also shows the fluctuation trend of blood sugar, based on which it is possible to make necessary amends in therapy and diet. Estonian Healthcare covers the cost of the newer version of the insulin pump in 50% with the rest (ca 900 euros) to be paid by families themselves. Transmitters cost about 500 euros, but these are not subsidised by the government. These expenses are too much for many families. The Children’s Foundation helps as many as 10 children a year to purchase insulin pumps. For one child the subsidy is 1000-1500 euros. Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation is one of Estonia’s oldest and largest charity organisations that has been helping severely ill children cover costs related to their conditions from the year 2000. The foundation also supports the purchase of necessary equipment to TUH Children’s Hospital and other children’s infirmaries, bringing foreign lecturers to Estonia, and training of nurses and doctors. The long, continuous and renowned activity in supporting children in need has brought us more and more work. The similar nature of the problems that people turn to us with have brought up weak points in Estonia’s social and healthcare system to which we, along with specialists and supporters, try to find solutions. Swedbank gives Tartu University Children’s Foundation 2 euros for every donator. Thank you for helping us help!