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Fundraiser for the support of project NGO Saaremaa`s Animal Shelter: "Notice the animal in need - care and help!", created by Edit Annusver:


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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Hands up who knows what is tooth pain! I bet everyone here knows how it feels when the painkilles are not working and no doctor's appointments available. Have you ever had 2 or 3 or even 5 teeth aching at the same time ? Lets add inflamed gums and the fact that you can not ask for help cause you can not talk and tell how painful it feels like. I know it all sounds really painful and maybe you have been lucky and never have had to tolerate that kind of pain but sadly we can not say the same about our shelter cats. Vanaema, Möura, Garfield, Onu Uno, Klaara, Kaisu, nella ja Kusti would tell you more about it if they could.. They would tell you about the dental x-ray, about anesthesia that lasts for hours, about pulled out teeth and more.. They would tell you about uncomfortable threads that been used to stitch up the wounds inside the mouth and the pain caused from that, pain so strong that sometimes even painkiller would not make any difference. They would tell you how painful it is to eat after surgery, fortunately not as painful as it would be with bad teeth. These 8 cats are lucky and do not have to suffer anymore cause our volunteers noticed and reacted straight away. Dentists have many cats waiting to get their teeth fixed and our shelter is stuggeling with the payments from old visits. 8 cats and over €2700 worth unpaid bills - unfortunately animals do not have health insurance or dental benefits.. Sadly we can not go to the clinic until we have pais some of our bills but at the moment we are in very helpless situation. We need YOUR help so we can help the weakest. WE NEED YOUR HELP SO OUR LOVELY SHELTER CATS CAN LIVE PAINLESS AND TOOTHACHE FREE LIFE.