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Mondo: donate to support the Ukrainian people!
Fundraiser for the support of project Mondo Crisis Fund – we support the people and regions affected by the war, created by Katrin Arvisto:

Mondo: donate to support the Ukrainian people!

How does your donation help?

1841 donations

92 244.91 €

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Mondo is collecting donations to support people in Ukraine

Восток SOS – Mondo's partner in Ukraine – is an organisation, which was created in 2014 by internal migrants in order to help people living in crisis areas. They have extensive experience in providing support to their countrymen in crisis situations, since unfortunately, the crisis that started in 2014 never really ended.

We direct 85% of the collected donations directly to the destination country.

How is your donation helping?

  • 10 euros – personal pack of hygiene items for a war refugee
  • 25 euros – fuel for a truck transporting humanitarian aid
  • 50 euros – food package for a war refugee
  • 1,500 euros –  a generator to supply electricity to a crisis area in Ukraine

NB! As the situation changes, so does the nature of the aid needed. Donations are used according to what is necessary at the moment.

Ever since 2014, Mondo has provided food and medical assistance to internally displaced persons and residents of the crisis area in Ukraine, supported the work of psychologists and launched a human rights education programme for schools in the crisis area. In recent years, Mondo has focused on educational and psychosocial activities in Eastern Ukraine. Mondo’s work in Ukraine has received support from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from private donors.