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Donate to rescuers in Ukraine!
Fundraiser for the support of project Rescue Association: Prompt rescue response everywhere in Estonia, created by Katrin Arvisto:

Donate to rescuers in Ukraine!

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Since the beginning of the war, the Estonian Rescue Association has been supporting Ukrainian rescuers by delivering aid of equipment and machinery to Ukraine. The need for support remains.

Support to humanitarian deminers in Ukraine has become increasingly important. The Ukrainian rescue services are facing a severe shortage of demining equipment, with more than 250,000 km2 of mined areas, an area the size of more than five Estonias. According to the international think-tank GLOBSEC, Ukraine has the largest area of mined land in the world, passing Afghanistan and Syria. At the current rate of demining, it could take more than 700 years to make Ukraine safe again.

In addition to demining, there is a shortage of emergency response equipment, first aid supplies and much more.

With the help of private individuals and businesses, the Estonian Rescue Association has sent over €6 million worth of aid to Ukraine, including a demining robot, first aid supplies, metal detectors and vehicles to transport humanitarian deminers. We will continue to support Ukrainian rescuers with equipment until victory!

Let's demine Ukraine together!

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