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Fundraiser for the support of project Animal Shelters “Help animals find homes!”, created by Nadezda Gavrikova:

Help together!

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The coldest days in January so far have seen the temperatures drop below -20 degrees. While every man, woman and child was huddled away from the cold indoors, a dog called Claire birthed six puppies in a small den that has long stopped protecting its inhabitants from the wind. Claire’s owner had moved away in March and the dog had been kept alive by neighbours. Realising the return of the owner is as unlikely as efficient help from the local council, they contacted Estonian Animal Protection Society. I am a volunteer of Estonian APS and I picked up Claire and her puppies. Two had seen their end in the cold already - later the third passed away. The mother was but skin and bones; the puppies equally starved. They were to be fed every two hours and in dire need of a veterinarian, so Pärnu shelter came to help. Claire’s health is improving and the puppies are, too. They will be at the shelter for the next two month - until they are big and strong enough to find their way in their new homes. The owner has signed release papers but cannot afford to pay for any procedures. All necessary treatments will cost 515€, it includes Claires vaccinations, parasite treatements, neutering and vets consulting (350€), and puppies vaccinations, treatments and microchipes (alltogether 165€). I would be very grateful, if you support Claire and her puppies, so that they could finally enjoy happy doglife