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Help to stop raising animals for fur in Estonia
Fundraiser for the support of project The Invisible Animals organisation: Help us put a stop to the imprisonment and killing of animals for fur!, created by Margot Arula:

Help to stop raising animals for fur in Estonia

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Foxes love to run free and play, just like dogs. But while dogs are regarded as humans' best friends, many foxes are imprisoned in tiny cages throughout their short lives. After just six months, they are killed to become yet another accessory on someone's coat or hat. Fur farms can never provide the conditions that foxes, chinchillas and minks naturally need. If you also think that such cruel treatment of sensitive animals does not belong in today's world, please support the work of MTÜ Nähtamatud Loomad, an effective Estonian organisation striving to lose fur farms for good. Your donation supports, for example, meetings and negotiations with politicians to find the best solutions to amend legislation and close down fur farms in Estonia. MTÜ Nähtamatud Loomad also leads other campaigns, all of which with the aim of finding and implementing the most effective ways for improving the welfare of farm animals.