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Let's support the Kyiv Children’s Hospital
Fundraiser for the support of project Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation: help provide better treatment conditions for premature babies, created by Tallinna Lastehaigla Toetusfond:

Let's support the Kyiv Children’s Hospital

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Relieving the suffering of Ukrainian children is not something we can, but something we must do. Everything we can do to relieve pain is commendable. In extraordinary crisis circumstances, we have to support those who have the best chance of helping.

Staff at the Kyiv Children’s Hospital is fighting for the lives of sick children with extreme dedication and unity. The Tallinn Children’s Hospital Support Foundation does everything to support the young patients of the Kyiv Children’s Hospital, so that their treatment is not interrupted, and traumas can be dealt with.

The Tallinn Children’s Hospital Support Foundation started collecting donations to support the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv in March 2022. By now, this has helped send two large aid shipments with various devices, the total value of which is over 270,000 euros, to Kyiv. The Kyiv Children’s Hospital, operating amid the horrors of war, has received various new breathing machines, cerebral oximeters, pulse oximeters, aspirators and monitors with the necessary accessories. We were able to acquire five used breathing machines from the Tartu University Clinic, which underwent thorough maintenance before being sent to Ukraine. In addition, toys and two EURO pallets of sweets were sent to the children in the hospital, which brought a lot of joy to the children.

We sincerely thank all the good people of Estonia who have donated to support the Kyiv Children’s Hospital!