New donation record set on the “I Love to Help” donation platform on donation day


Over 2,400 people donated to charity organisations close to their heart through the “I Love to Help” donation environment during donation day, which was held this Tuesday, donating a total of EUR 70,657. Swedbank added another EUR 40,000, which brings the total sum of donation day donations to EUR 110,657.

“Considering the current high inflation and the all the donations that people in Estonia have already made this year in relation to the war in Ukraine, it was hard to forecast what the results of this year’s donation day might be. So, it was especially wonderful to see at the end of the day that another donation record had been made in the “I Love to Help” environment yesterday,” said Merje Klopets, Swedbank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager and promoter of “I Love to Help”. Compared to last year’s donation day, people donated over 30% more through the “I Love to Help” donation environment this year. “Thank you to everyone who donated yesterday! Your donations help Estonian charity organisations do a lot of good,” added Klopets.

Organisations that received the most donations were the Saaremaa Pet Shelter, followed by the Good Deed Foundation, the anti-bullying school programme and the Estonian Animal Protection Association. The largest donations were a EUR 5,000 donation made to the Good Deed Foundation and the anti-bullying school programme and a EUR 1,500 donation made to Vaikuseminutid NGO. The average donation amount during donation day was EUR 29, which is EUR 4 than last year.

Swedbank boosted donations made by people and will transfer their share of the donations to the organisations within December.  The added contributions will be divided between charity organisations proportionally to the donations made to them during the day.

“I Love to Help” is a portal that Swedbank created in 2008 in cooperation with the Good Deed Foundation, bringing together donors and charity organisations in Estonia. Donations can be made to 61 organisations that collect donations in five different fields; education, children, nature and animals, and health and a strong society.  Over the years, EUR 3.8m of donations have been made through the “I Love to Help” environment.

The donation day celebrated in Estonia is based on the global Giving Tuesday. On this day, campaigns and events are organised around the world to find new donors, strengthen ties with existing ones and promote donation culture. The Estonian donation day is organised by the Estonian Civil Society in cooperation with the regional development centres.