A practical reference booklet for parents and mentors is now available


The number of people with autism spectrum disorders is increasing rapidly all over the world and this has led to a situation where parents need clarification of key concepts associated with this disorder and teaching in primary coping skills.

Based on the perspective of a parent and a teacher, Colette de Bruin has written a book called "5 Questions", which is a practical material for raising and guiding a child with autism spectrum disorder.

The donations received though the Swedbank's Donation Environment during the period June 2013 - June 2014 are 1,422.58 euros in total. With the help of donations we organized translating and publishing the book "5 Questions" written by Colette de Bruin into Estonian language. The translated book "5 Questions" was ready by the end of May 2014, the number of the edition is  500 copies and it is available to anyone who feel the interest.

"Without the support of the Donation Environment it would have been extremely difficult to complete the project. Our special thanks goes to those 77 donors who supported us through the Donation Environment and to those 18, who donated us directly," said Marianne Kuzemtšenko  the CEO of the Autism Society of Estonia.

There are about 2000-2800 people in Estonia diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, whose families and professional guides may find advice and assistance from this book.