Abandoned animal needs protection and safe new home


An animal left without home needs support and protection from a stronger, from  human. In one year, about 300 cats are accommodated and assisted in various ways by the NGO Cats Shelter and the NGO CatRescue. Nearly a ten-year period of operation, we have found new homes for more than 7,000 cats. In our daily operation, there are volunteers dealing with animals. The donations received throught the Swedbank's Donation Environment "I Love to Help" help us to continue the operataions.

"Our larger goal is to reduce the number of abandoned cats and searching new homes for the animals. Cats come to us directly from streets, they are brought to us by animal friends, animal protection societies and through the animal clinics. Unfortunately, in recent years the number of cats brought to us directly from their homes has been increased," said CEO of the NGO Cats Shelter.

added that there is a variety of reasons for waiving domestic animals. For example, financial difficulties, allergies of a family member,  illness of the owner.

"We certainly try to contribute to the development of responsible culture of keeping domestic animals, we raise people's awareness about limitation of animal reproduction, a healthy diet and the responsibility that comes with taking the animal. We want people to understand that animals on the streets is a consequence of people's carelessness, not a necessity," said volunteer Hanna Ild.

So far, we have used the donations primarily for vaccinations, microchipping, sterilization and castration of animals we take care of, and to pay for the treatment of diseased animals.

"Such people, who make a voluntary work and don´t ask for anything, make the world a better place and more cheerful," says Lea, who found a four-legged friend from the chelter.

Additional info: www.kassiabi.ee ja www.kassideturvakodu.ee