Call to action: support organisations focused on overcoming the crisis


We have reopened the special donations campaign on the “I Love to Help” donation environment to support organisations focused on mitigating effects of the corona crisis.

People in Estonia, like in the rest of the world, have been fighting the spread of the coronavirus for more than a year now. As a result of the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, mental health problems have increased, medical staff has become overworked and overwhelmed, etc.

"We set up a special donations page last spring as a response to the changes in society and as the situation has lasted for over a year now, the number of those in need has increased as well,” explained Merje Klopets, Societal Engagement Manager at Swedbank. “A lot of people have found themselves in unexpected situations and therefore need support. The special donations page provides a great opportunity to support reliable organisations that work on mitigating effects of the crisis on a daily basis”, added Merje.

"The crisis, which has lasted for more than a year, has placed hundreds of families with children in a difficult situation, as incomes have decreased, but weekly food costs have continued to increase. It is especially difficult to set the table in single-parent families,” said Aage Õunap, President of the Estonian Association of Families with Many Children. “We use your donations to support large families who need our help the most,” added Aage. The donations raised during last year’s special donations campaign were used to help more than 400 children; this year, there are even more people in need of help. 

This time around you can donate to providing the services of assistant teachers to the children of healthcare workers during distance learning periods. You can also help get food aid to families in difficult financial situations and mental health counselling to people who are in need of mental health support. Donations can be made to the Estonian Maternity Hospital Support Foundation, Food Bank, Estonian Association of Large Families, MTÜ Peaasjad (non-profit association for mental health), substitute teacher programme, MTÜ Alustavat Õpetajat Toetav Kool (non-profit association School for New Teachers), Youth to School Foundation (Noored Kooli), Dokfoto Centre and MTÜ Doktor Kloun (non-profit association of Doctor Clowns). Any donations made through the donation environment will reach the selected organisations directly and without delays. Learn more about the projects on the

During last year’s special donation campaign organised on the platform people donated over 40,000 euros to organisations that helped the most vulnerable societal groups during the emergency situation.

The “I Love to Help” donation environment was created in 2008 by Swedbank and the Good Deed Foundation to promote donation culture in Estonia. The donation environment has over 50 charity organisations across Estonia, divided into five categories: children, health, nature and animals, education and strong society. To date, a total of over 2.7 million euros has been raised through the donation environment.