Donate with leverage at donation environment “Ma armastan aidata“


Today the third nationwide Giving Tuesday takes place. That day, the most impactful donations can be made through donation environment “Ma armastan aidata“ (“I love to help”), where Swedbank will leverage the donations with up to €40,000.

"Donation is like an investment that you do to alleviate an issue close to your heart in the society – a contribution to a better tomorrow. Of course, we call for regular donations, but today, there’s an additional motivation to donate. I hope that Swedbank’s leverage for today’s donations will help bring in new donors and activate the existing ones,” Merje Klopets, Swedbank’s Societal Engagement manager said.

The more people donate on on the campaign day, the bigger will be Swedbank’s contribution. Once the donations reach the €10,000 level, the bank will add an extra €10,000, for €20,000 the leverage will be €20,000, etc., up to €40,000. Swedbank’s contribution will be distributed among the organisations in proportion to the donations made to them.

Everyone can get involved in the donation campaign by supporting their preferred charitable organisation. New regular donors are particularly welcome, as regular donations provide the charities the assuredness they need. By donating through "Ma armastan aidata", the donors can be sure that every euro goes directly to the organisation in need, there are no fees involved.

“Ma armastan aidata” is a portal that Swedbank created in 2008 in cooperation with the Good Deed Foundation, bringing together donors and Estonian charitable organisations. The donor can choose from 60 organisations that raise funds in five areas: education, children, animals and nature, health, and strong society. It’s possible to donate to already well-known organisations, such as the Cancer Treatment Foundation “The Gift of Life”, the Food Bank and Tallinn Children’s Hospital Foundation, but also to smaller organisations, such as NGO Life with Dementia, Schools Supporting Beginning Teachers, or Ida-Virumaa Women’s Support Centre and Shelter. Over the years, more than 2.8 million euro have been donated to support those in need through "Ma armastan aidata".