How should you decide on the recipient of your donation? Three tips for donors


Donations can be made directly to private persons and organisations. If you wish to support a specific person in need, donating to a private person might be a good choice for you. If you want your donation to go towards helping many people in need or you wish to support a cause of social importance, it is best to donate to an organisation. 

In order to ensure that your donation goes to the right place:

  • Check the background of the charity.

  • Verify the purpose of fundraising.

    • How thoroughly has the charity described how they are planning to use the donations? If there is not enough information, you can always request it or support another charity.

  • Make sure that there is an overview of how donations are used.

    • Does the charity provide information on how the donations have been used to date? As a donor, you can always ask how your donation is used.

The organisations in the I Love to Help environment all feature on the national list of associations benefiting from income tax incentives and follow good practices for fundraising.