“I Love to Help” donation environment awaits applications from new organisations


The “I Love to Help” donation environment, which unites charity organisations, is open for applications from non-governmental organisation who would like to join the donation environment. The application round of the oldest and largest donation platform in Estonia is open until 3 March.

 The “I Love to Help" platform is a supportive and easy-to-use donation environment where non-governmental organisations can collect donations. Our organisations are part of a wonderful community whose members share their experiences, joys and worries in order to be a reliable and transparent partner for donors in overcoming various societal challenges,” said Kärt Kaasik, Swedbank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. 

 There are over 60 organisations currently collecting donations in the environment, including the NGO Mondo. “Today, we are face major global crises that exacerbate existing inequality. In Mondo, we can see that Estonian people care about a creating a fairer world and want to help. Donating is one of the easiest ways to contribute and show your support,” confirmed Kelli Eek, Head of Communications at NGO Mondo. She pointed out that the “I Love to Help” environment allows their message to reach a lot of people in Estonia, while also giving people a simple opportunity to contribute. “At Mondo, we consider transparency of the collection and implementation process of donations very important. The donation environment carries the same values. I really appreciate that “I Love to Help” is an entirely trustworthy and reliable donation platform,” added Kelli Eek.

The application round is open for organisations that work on solving or mitigating concerns that are significant for the Estonian society and that have been active for at least one year. Applications are evaluated based on the project’s activity and content, expected results, scope of impact and the organisation’s capacity to inform the public of their activities. Evaluations are conducted by experts, including representatives of Swedbank, the Good Deed Foundation, the Estonian Civil Society, the Ministry of the Interior and the National Foundation of Civil Society. Detailed information on joining the donation environment is accessible on the website armastanaidata.ee/liitumine.

The “I Love to Help” donation environment was created by the Good Deed Foundation and Swedbank in 2008. In 15 years, it has grown into the largest donation environment in Estonia, where everyone can find an organisation working on an issue that is close to their heart and donate to them. Right now, people donating in the “I Love to Help” environment can choose from over 60 organisations that collect donations in five categories: education, children, animals and nature, health and a strong society. Over the years, more than 4 million euros have been donated through the “I Love to Help” donation environment.