In a year nearly a million kilograms of food reaches to those who need it


With the help of the Food Bank every week about 1,700 families receive food all over Estonia. In 2013, eleven food banks shared about a million kilograms of food in total. Our job is to save the good food left over from stores, wholesale stores, food manufacturers and farms in order to share it (for free) to families living in poverty.

With the sums received through the Donation Environment we cover the costs of our daily activities. As operating the Food Bank is associated with transporting and storaging of food, we have relatively high costs related with transportation, warehousing and storage inventory. We value highly the fact that we are free to use the money right there, where it is needed the most.

Along with the new three food banks set up this spring, there are 14 food banks in total operating in our network. Estonian Food Bank, as their umbrella organization, stands good for the necessary funds to operate food banks at all these places.