Last year’s donations in the “I Love to Help” donation environment amounted to EUR 688,011


Last year, the people of Estonia donated a total of EUR 688,011 through the “I Love to Help” donation environment, which is a new record for the platform. 54% of that money when to initiatives in Estonia and 46% was directed to Ukrainian support projects.

“The past year has shown in many ways just how helpful and compassionate Estonian people are,” said Katrin Arvisto, who manages the donation environment and is the Communications Manager of Good Deed Foundation. “Donations to organisations that help refugees who arrive in Estonia or provided assistance on the ground in Ukraine grew exponentially immediately when the war broke out in Ukraine. At the same time, donors attention continued to support organisations that deal with important issues in Estonian society as well,” Arvisto pointed out. “I hope that people who donated this past year, either for the first time or after a long time since their last donation, experienced the wonderful feeling that comes with it and will continue to support initiatives close to their hearts in the future as well. This help is very much needed,” she added.

For the first time in the history of the donation environment, organisations that stand for a strong and united society received by far the most donations. A total of EUR 320,288 was donated to them, which makes up 47% of all donations made during the year. Most of the projects related to Ukraine also belong to this category, and the biggest fundraiser was the Rescue Association with EUR 114,478.

„On behalf of both the Estonian Rescue Association and Ukrainian rescuers, we would like to thank everyone who has donated. Thanks to you we have been able to offer fast and much-needed help to our Ukrainian colleagues – your donations have saved lives and lessened the horrors of war. At the same time, we support our own rescuers in Estonia to ensure that life-saving help is always accessible and our communities taken care of,” said Piia Kallas, Chairwoman of the Board of the Rescue Association.

In addition to the Rescue Association, the NGO Mondo, the cancer treatment fund “The Gift of Life” (Kingitud Elu), the Tallinn Children’s Hospital Support Foundation and the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals also received large donations. All of them, except the cancer treatment fund, also collected donations to support Ukraine.

The average one-time donation over the past year was EUR 43 (EUR 34 in 2021), several donations of EUR 5,000 were also made in 2022. March is the biggest donation month, whereas September brings in the least donations. The largest part, 47% of the total amount of donations, went to organisations in the field of strong society. A fifth, i.e., 21% of the donations went to children and families, 16% to organisations in the field of health, 14% to associations that protect animals and nature, and 3% to organisations operating in the field of education.

In 2022, Swedbank added more than EUR 233,300 to the total amount of private donations; this included the bank's amplification of donation projects and contributions to other charity projects related to the donation environment.

The “I Love to Help” donation environment was created by the Good Deed Foundation and Swedbank in 2008. In 15 years, “I Love to Help” has grown into the largest donation environment in Estonia; on this platform, everyone can find an organisation working on a issue that is close to their heart and donate to them. Over the years, more than 4 million euros have been donated through the “I Love to Help” donation environment.