Lighten the hassle of raising a child


The Self-Help and Advisory Association for Senior Citizens  (VENÜ) brings together people of retirement age, those, who have a positive attitude and whose activities are based on the principle - being active you value your life and by helping others you help yourself.

VENÜ project "Support to Orphans" has taken into the care the grandparents who are raising their own grandchildren, who have been orphaned or abandoned.

The project fills this gap, for which the grandparents does not have enough resources or time - such as cinema, theatre, exhibitions, tours.

Since this year we have added to our activities also study camps, where children acquire the necessary experiences and skills for life. Camps are for children only, and for their grandparents it gives an opportunity to rest for five days and spend it for their own affairs.

The project launced in autumn 2008 is intended to orphans and children left without parental care, and to support the grandparents who are raising them. With the project we want to contribute to expanding the horizons of children's interests by developing and offering them different activities. In order to achieve this, we organize theatre, cinema and concert visits, excursions to Estonia's most beautiful places, spa visits during school holidays and more.

For grandparents we organize educational lectures and seminars of psychology. In addition, we organize both for children and grandparents beautiful feast days, such as Christmas parties, Mother's Day celebrations and the like.

Our project includes 18 families - 31 children aged between 4-21 and 27 grandparents.