Over the past ten years, the average donation has grown from three to 20 euros


In June, the charity website “Ma armastan aidata“ („I love to help“), created by Swedbank and the Good Deed Foundation (Heateo SA), will celebrate its 11th anniversary. Over these years, the biggest charitable fundraising platform in Estonia has raised 1.2 million euros in donations to nearly 100 charitable organisations. Compared to 10 years ago, when the average single donation was 3.2 euros, the average amount donated has now reached 20 euros. Most of the donations go to charities focusing on children and animals, while education only receives around 5% of the total donated amount.

On the 11th anniversary, 18 new charities covering five different areas joined the platform. In total, the website is currently promoting 55 different charitable initiatives, giving people an opportunity to donate money (without the usual banking fees), time, or Swedbank customer reward points.

One of the new arrivals to the platform is MTÜ Vaprusehelmed (The Courage Beads Foundation), intended to support chronically ill children in coping with their treatment process. Beads in different colours, handed out by medical staff during procedures, symbolise the completion of different treatment periods and procedures. The CEO of the Foundation Anna Helena Ursula Allvee says that the charity joined the website to reach more people. “The donation environment is an excellent tool that gives people simple and easy access to information about different charities, helps them to reach an informed decision and actually make the donation“, Allvee added.

According to Swedbank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Merje Klopets, Swedbank considers it important to develop a donating culture in Estonia, so that it would contribute to balanced social development. “Strategic and well-planned donations are a part of sound financial management, just like saving, investing, and budgeting,” Klopets says. “Donation statistics tell us that Estonians are generous people. However, when speaking about future challenges, then the main question is how to encourage people to donate regularly and become permanent donors to their chosen charities“, she added.

The CEO of the Good Deed Foundation Pirkko Valge noted that the donating culture in Estonia is developing in leaps and bounds – as demonstrated by the donated amounts, as well as public discussion of the issue. “Ma armastan aidata” website makes donating easier for people by bringing together strong and sustainable NGOs and creating a tool for simple and convenient donation”, Ms Valge added. 

The website “Ma armastan aidata“ was launched in 2008 by Swedbank and the Good Deed Foundation, with the aim of creating a platform that would boost donating culture through trust, openness, and diversity. The environment gives people an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the work of strong and reliable NGOs in different fields and conveniently make single donations or setting up standing orders to them. All featured organisations have undergone a thorough background check to ensure that donations are used for their intended purposes. For this, a designated team, involving experts from NGOs, Swedbank, and other walks of public life, evaluates all projects.

In 2008-2019, more than 1.2 million euros were donated through the environment, supplemented by more than 400 000 euros from Swedbank. The average donor is a city woman in the age group of 25-34, donating 20 euros for children or animals. Donating is possible for customers of all banks. Read more at:www.armastanaidata.ee