Practical aid and custody of animals


Loomus is an NGO, which is active in a field of animal custudy and guardianship. It continues to operate at local level, to assist animals without owners or owners with few opportunities. Under our custody there are several cat colonies and permanent residents of the animal shelter named Kuulikodu.  At local level we are active since 2006, which is why we are well aware, to whom, to where and what kind of assistance is most needed. At this, we work closely together with our veterinarian partners from island Hiiumaa.

Through our previous project, "Help to pay the bills for treatment of animals" we have helped 103 cats and dogs, who were orphaned or from families with few opportunities, including the permanent residents living at the animal shelter Kuulikodu. Collected donations are used both for surgeries (including sterilisations), medical procedures and drugs, accessories, vaccinations, parasite control and transportation. We have organized days of sterilisation, when the veterinarians from continental Estonia came to the island to help colleagues to sterilize larger dogs.

"Every animal owner has a duty to take care of their pet's health; sterilization is the best option to prevent unwanted offspring born without compromising the health and life of animals. During the counseling, we have shared information about animal health with pet owners, informing them about species-typical behavior and options for interventions," said Kadri Taperson, the board member and CEO of NGO Loomus.

Being a member of the donation environment has given our organization a two-tiered support.

First of all, we have been able to help a number of animals, preventing countless unwanted offspring. Secondly, we believe that with the help of donations we have changed the culture of keeping pets and awareness in Hiiumaa definitely better.