The website features 43 trustworthy charities


Estonia’s oldest donation environment I Love to Help updated the selection of featured organisations. As of June, the platform will include 43 charities through which you can support children, health, environment, education and strong society.

“We have worked very hard to provide donors with a sense of security that their contributions will go to the right place,” said Katrin Arvisto, Head of Communication at Good Deed Foundation and one of the leaders of the donation environment. “The organisations who collect donations on our platform have undergone a thorough assessment, submitted reports on their economic activity and clearly defined the purposes of fundraising.”

The organisations of the donation environment also follow the good practice for fundraising. In doing so, they have promised to ensure that information about their activities is easily available, the purposes of fundraising are clearly stated, the donated money is used prudently, purposefully and expediently and reports are published on the use of donations.

“In 15 years, we have created a convenient and secure environment that brings together charity organisations organising very important projects and kind-hearted people who wish to support them with donations,” said Swedbank Support Activities Manager Kärt Kaasik. “The number of donations made in the environment has grown with each year and it’s good to see that charities are also very interested in joining it. The number of applicants in this year’s application round was once gain record-breaking with nearly 100 organisations expressing their interest.”

As of June, the donation environment will continue hosting a number of familiar organisations, such as the Estonian Cancer Society, the Estonian Food Bank, the Estonian Rescue Association, Tallinn Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Bullying-free School. At the same time, there are newcomers, such as NGO Eesti SV Tugigrupid. According to Rita Holm, head of the organisation, they hope to engage new donors via the environment, who could support the continuation of the work of support groups. “Childhood sexual abuse leads to both mental and physical health problems that are impossible to overcome without help,” said Holm. There is a serious lack of mental health specialists, which is why there is a great need for support groups for victims of abuse.”

The selection of organisations in the donation environment is updated every few years. In order to collect donations in the environment, organisations must pass a public application round. This is used to assess the activities and content of the project, the expected results, the scope of impact and the organisation’s ability to communicate their activities. The final selection is also made so as to ensure that the number of organisations in the environment does not grow to the extent that it becomes difficult for donors to choose which to support.

The I Love to Help donation environment was established by the Good Deed Foundation and Swedbank in 2008. In the past 15 years it has grown into Estonia’s largest donation environment, where everyone can support an organisation close to their heart. Over the years, more than four million euros has been donated via