We help families in crisis to their feet to allow children to grow up with their parents


With SOS Children's Village's Family Strengthening Program we supported 85 families along with their daily lives in Ida-Viru County, including their social and material coping. With the help of donors there were 248 children and their families in total who received direct psychological counseling, speech therapy, logopedic therapy, learning support, support for needed medical drugs or other essential expenses.

"We help families and children in crisis, we deliver them both social and economic support and advice. By supporting such families, we can anticipate situations where there might be need to separate children from their parents," explained Elmet Puhm, an advisor for the Family Strengthening Programs. In collaboration with social agencies and schools the families needing assistance are to be found. After that, we can provide them professional psychosocial support and to ensure the children's interests.

In addition to counseling the families are supported with much-needed material assistance - whether they are children's transportation costs paid to visit a doctor, purchasing necessary drugs, payment for the speech therapist hours or organizing an aid for studying. The program will pay directly to the service providers to ensure the intended use of money.

Niina, a former participator of the program is grateful to all the supporters who have made a donation - whether it was made through the Swedbank's Donation Environment or via the SOS Children's Village website. "My kids are with me. When alone, I would have never been able to solve my problems. Family Strengthening Program helped me to become more peaceful and to change my attitude towards life."

SOS Children's Village is engaged with the Family Strengthening Program  in Ida-Viru County since 2008.

Additional info: http://www.sos-lastekyla.ee/andmise-joud-narvas/