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Estonian Ornithological Society: for Estonian birds

Estonian Ornithological Society: for Estonian birds

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Estonia is rich in birds: 400 species of birds have been seen here and up to 20 million pairs of birds nest here. We are also located on internationally important bird migration routes. However, suitable habitats for birds in forests, fields, coasts and wetlands are becoming increasingly scarce due to human activities. 69% of the bird species nesting in Estonia are in an unfavourable status.

The objective of the Estonian Ornithological Society is ensure the wellbeing of the birds nesting and migrating here. We therefore participate in making decision on the nature conservation and environmental protection, draw the attention of decision-makers and the public to bottlenecks, cooperate with local and foreign nature conservation organisations and agencies and carry out bird conservation projects and campaigns.

We raise funds for bird conservation activities: draft legislation, development plans, environmental impact assessments, conservation rules, conservation management plans, various regulations and directives and proposals with a conservation focus.

Bird conservation specialists also liaise with officials, attend meetings and discussions, help communicate on bird protection issues, interact with journalists and appear in the media.

  • The budget of bird protection activities averages €5500 per month.

You can keep up to date with the use of donations and bird protection activities by following our website, Facebook page or newsletter (

The organization is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. Learn more about relevant tax topics: Donations and taxes