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NGO Loomus project “I Am on the Side of Animals”

NGO Loomus project “I Am on the Side of Animals”

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The aim of the NGO Loomus' project “I Am on the Side of Animals” is to improve the situation of animals used in the fur industry, entertainment, beauty industry and agriculture.

The principal activities of Loomus include awareness-raising, lobbying and participation in legislative initiatives, organisation of events, cooperation with foreign organisations, representing Estonia in international associations, and developing the field of animal protection. 

The major projects of Loomus include the campaign to ban fur farming, the 2018 ban on the use of wild animals in circus and subsequent compliance monitoring, the “Fur Free Retailer” program for fur-free fashion designers, European campaigns for welfare of farm animals, the “Plant-based Options” program for restaurants, the “The Lovely Fish” campaign of fish welfare and the Vegan Fair “Taimetoidumess” launched in 2011.

Your monthly donations enable us to publish and distribute information materials, organise campaigns and events, incl. lectures, workshop and training, maintain helpdesks, pay for administrative, legal or other expert costs, create and maintain IT solutions.

For 5 € we can cooperate with fashion designers and invite them to join the “Fur Free Retailer” program, also bring our information to new followers on social media. 
For 10 € we can pay expert costs that enable us to be competent to speak with politicans and encourage them to make anima-friendly decisions.
For 25 € we can publich information materials, edit videos and organize lectures to reach more people and spread anima-friendly message.

The organisation is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations.