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Beads of Courage: Beads inspire courage!

Beads of Courage: Beads inspire courage!

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The Beads of Courage program was launched to support treatment of children with chronic diseases and to help them cope with painful procedures and long treatment cycles. In Estonia, the program is currently implemented in the haematology/oncology departments of the Tartu University Clinic and the Tallinn Children’s Hospital.

The program arrived in Estonia through the Bonn University Clinic and the small Sander Salundo whose story was also retold in a sting of beads and whose enthusiasm for the beads project gave us confidence that other children with a similar condition would also benefit from this. Thanks to Sander, many children have been able to tell their story.

The beads help children and families tell a story of their achievements, experiences and courage. Each procedure is marked by a specific bead. Creating a narrative and giving meaning to their story alleviates the chaos and distress associated with trauma. The beads programmes have been launched everywhere in the world. The NPO Beads of Courage is a licensed international partner of the Dutch programme VOKK KanherKetting.

  • For a donation of €5, we can get 300 letter beads to build the name of the owner at the start of each chain.
  • For a donation of €10, we can buy a kilo of polymer clay for making beads in our workshops; one kilo of polymer clay makes 360 beads. 
  • By donating €25, you contribute to the promotion of psycho-social support and awareness-raising through organisation of events everywhere in Estonia!