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The Maternity Hospital Foundation helps every women in labour get the best care

The Maternity Hospital Foundation helps every women in labour get the best care

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

We are raising funds for critical obstetric care simulation training days in 12 maternity wards across Estonia.

The Maternity Hospital Foundation is helping all maternity hospitals in Estonia to purchase medical equipment. In addition to the equipment, trained staff are needed to use it, so the training of teams is very important.

An interactive and responsive birthing simulator (Victoria) and a newly acquired premature baby simulator doll are used during training.  The teams will practise the real-life situations that may arise and that require the teams to work together like clockwork to ensure that the woman in labour receives the best care. The training sessions are filmed and this allows participants to analyse their performance afterwards and get feedback – all to ensure that their skills are the best they can be.

For the training sessions, the training team travels to the respective maternity hospital/ward so that the staff there can practice in their daily working environment.

The main partners of the training courses are the Pelgulinna Simulation Centre of West Tallinn Central Hospital and East Tallinn Central Hospital, which provide specialised training.

We plan to raise €25,000 over two years. This amount will allow us to provide the maternity ward staff of 12 hospitals with training on how to resuscitate women in labour who are in a critical condition. The transport of the training team to and from the hospital of the trainees is also included in this amount.

In total, we will train 100 medical professionals from 12 maternity wards. It is nice to think that if you set up a permanent donation of €50 a month, the amount you donate over a year will cover the training of one medical professional in full.

We’re grateful for your help to start a life.

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