RuaCrew: “Competent support for children in difficult situations”

RuaCrew: “Competent support for children in difficult situations”

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The needs of children and families living in risk situations often go unnoticed and are not met in due time. The target group for the RuaCrew non-profit organisation includes children, teenagers and their parents, who refrain from asking for help, but need it urgently.

With your support we aim to train new youth support workers to interact with young people who experience difficulties with their behaviour, studies or relationships, and who need a positive and experienced role model in their lives – a person to help with school and family issues. Support workers help young people become successful adults and avoid going down the criminal route.

Thanks to your donations, 12 new support workers have completed training and are already actively working with young people. The training included 100h. We have also evaluated the average need for support worker services in Tallinn and are currently planning another training course.

The RuaCrew non-profit organisation was founded in 2009 to prevent social problems and legal violations among youth and to resolve ongoing issues. RuaCrew’s vision for 2020 is to be a steady and reliable partner to young people and their parents residing all over Estonia.


6 588.45 / 18 360.00 €
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