SOS Children’s Village in Estonia “A loving home for every child”

SOS Children’s Village in Estonia “A loving home for every child”

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The goal of the SOS Family Strengthening Programme is to restore the coping abilities of families to the extent that parents can provide their children with the safe and supportive environment they need for development. We wish to prevent situations where children have to be taken away from their families.

Your donation will help us offer social and economic support, counselling, psychological help, speech therapy and help with buying medicines to children at risk and their families in the towns of Narva, Sillamäe and Keila, as well as in Keila and Harku County.

In 2017, we improved the daily lives of 289 children, i.e. 142 families. SOS Children’s Village has been operating in Estonia for over 22 years; in addition to family-based substitute care services, we have also been dealing with prevention work since 2008. Over the years, the Family Strengthening Programme has helped more than 800 kids and 350 families.

The goal of the association is to guarantee that children have a stable and safe home and family.

The organization is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations and the donors will get back the income tax paid from their donation and the donations made by companies are tax-free (Estonian Income Tax Act § 49). Read more about taxes: Donating and taxes.

24 565.51 / 25 012.00 €
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