Let's Build an Estonia of Mutual Respect for All

Let's Build an Estonia of Mutual Respect for All

How does your donation help? »

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

How will your donation help?

Join us at the Estonian Human Rights Centre in building a human rights movement in Estonia, because the time to influence the future direction of Estonia is now!

We offer you an opportunity not to be a passive bystander, but to help ensure that Estonia respects human dignity and human rights for all. With your monthly or one-time donation you help us to continue our work.

The money raised will be used for various costs, such as paying rent for our modest office, financing the costs of strategic cases and awareness raising. 

We have already achieved a lot with the help of donations from private individuals like you. Among other things, we published the report Human Rights in Estonia, helped many same-sex couples (such as Sarah and Kristiina) in residence rights and adoption related issues in the absence of proper implementation of the registered partnership law and helped to guarantee quality legal aid for asylum seekers. This shows that your donations go to support human rights in Estonia.

By making a donation now, you help to try to ensure that Estonia remains on the path of protecting and advancing human rights for all. Otherwise, your own fundamental rights might be in danger in the future.

Do not stand by, donate now.

4 836.00 / 6 000.00 €
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