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Substitute Teacher Programme: to ensure that students do not have gaps in their subject knowledge

Substitute Teacher Programme: to ensure that students do not have gaps in their subject knowledge

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Every day, schools need to find substitutes for a number of teachers (teachers fall ill, attend training, go on holiday, participate in projects, etc.). This year, the reason for using substitute teachers may also be that the school hasn’t found a new subject teacher. Nursery school and school principals are faced with a challenge because substitute teachers are time-consuming to recruit and difficult to find.

Substitute teachers have taught 43,000 lessons in more than 250 schools and nursery schools via MTÜ ASÕP. We’re a strategic partner of the Ministry of Education and Reach for the COVID-19 crisis relief. 63 substitute teachers have become active teachers via our organisation. It really matters to us that no pupil has a gap in subject knowledge.

We also need your support to help schools and nursery schools – every donation helps ensure that all pupils receive a quality education, even when their teacher needs to be substituted.

We use the donated money to disseminate information and organise training. The good work of substitute teachers helps relieve the pressure on educational institutions and, most importantly, each student’s lesson is meaningful and experiential. We can do the following with your donation:

  • €5 – pay for the extension of the social media post for recruitment of a substitute teacher in one certain region for one day.
  • €10 – a one-hour Zoom meeting with a substitute teacher so the participant feels the support of the organisation.
  • €25 – one hour of substitute teacher training so that the lessons are well prepared.

Major donor:

  • €1000 – you will help create a series of video training sessions for substitute teachers.
  • €5000 – you will help ASÕP to reach the IT system.

Further information can be found online at:

The organisation is included on the list of non-profit organisations eligible for income tax incentives. Read more about taxes here: Donations and taxes