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Kindergarten Talents’ Day - recognise and support the talents of your child.

Kindergarten Talents’ Day - recognise and support the talents of your child.

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The Talents’ Day is an event in Estonian kindergartens, aiming to build connections between discovered and undiscovered small talents and their parents and teachers. Many children require a special approach before they can express their talent. Acting together with peers who have the same abilities or hobbies supports children’s development and emotional welfare. 

The Talents’ Day is an opportunity for children to discover and develop their talents and skills by:

  • discussing what is science;
  • solving puzzles;
  • conducting experiments, etc.

Our children’s programme is developed in cooperation with our partner, the Viljandi Science School for the Smart. The activities with children are conducted by the students of the school, together with an adult mentor. Acting in this supervisory capacity will, hopefully, inspire them to choose a career as a teacher.

At the same time, parents and teachers can:

  • learn more about talent;
  • receive advice on providing support;
  • share their experiences.

Parents and teachers are consulted by education experts, psychologists and experience counsellors from the network of the Talent Centre. 

The Talents’ Day concludes with children presenting the results of their efforts. The event will contribute to better understanding of the special requirements associated with talent, and motivate participants to discover and support talents.

The sum mentioned below reflects preliminary budget for the first Talents’ Day.

The organisation is not included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. Read more about taxes here: Donations and taxes.