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NGO School for New Teachers - contribute to a new generation of teachers

NGO School for New Teachers - contribute to a new generation of teachers

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The first year lays the foundation for a successful teaching career and for the meaningful support of students' development. In addition, it affects the image of the profession: the fortunes
of every new teacher can be witnessed first hand by their family, friends and students. Ensuring a strong new generation of teachers is one of the major challenges for Estonia’s education
and society.

Our aim is to enable a qualitative leap in the support for new teachers, with professional instructional coaching and the possibilities to share the experience with other beginners. We set out to accomplish this in cooperation with our partners, including school leaders and owners, universities and policy-makers. We are committed to developing a professional community for supporting the development of new teachers.

Why is it important? We have about 800 new teachers every year. We lose every fourth of them before the second year. We also know that half of them lack the required qualifications; and the degree of considering the background of new teachers when giving them assignments and providing support is often almost like a lottery. Systematic address of the early stages of a teacher’s career is essential to enable a strong new generation of teachers and ensure that students receive good education.

We need your support to develop this system.

Our first target is to raise at least €2,500 in donations to finance the extension and coordination of regular meetings of new teachers all over Estonia. With this amount, we could reach more than 10% of all new teachers in Estonia in one year. On average, every €250 of donations enables us to start one more group of meetings for new teachers. Through the school year, each group meets four times.